Sunday 18 December 2011

Gipsy On The Roads


"Born in Normandy, I am French and spent my childhood in a village with one dream: to discover the world. With the time my dream came true as I had the opportunity to travel in the near countries to learn languages. I must confess that it was more useful in this context than for anything else!!! From that moment, all my free time and all my money were kept to live my passion!" 
-  Marie-France Grenouillet  (Wildlife Photographer)

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  1. I had two great photo tours in France, one in the night and the other in the daytime. I learned a great deal about photography as well as how to identify a picture in a scene, composition, and camera settings. David tuned right into me and my skill level and knew how to teach me what I most needed to learn. He was wonderful, even taking a subway to a hardware store in order to fix a technical problem with the camera I had brought with me, and bringing an umbrella because it was raining on the second day. I recommend this service to anyone interested in good service great photography, and a wonderful learning experience also we attend all tours in France especially in Paris.