Tuesday 14 February 2012

FlexiRoam: Say Goodbye to Exorbitant Roaming Fees


SingExpo Hall 5 Booth 5H15 @ NATAS Travel 2012 (24-26 Feb)

Slash your mobile phone bills with FlexiRoam’s prepaid service that provides unlimited roaming for a super low flat rate per day

You must have heard of the horror stories or probably  been a victim of expensive roaming charges yourself. You travel overseas leaving your mobile phone on, only to return home to an unpleasant shock of a hefty international roaming bill.  It is natural to want to stay connected with friends and family when you travel abroad. So, why do we have to pay so much for roaming?

Due to the expensive nature of international roaming charges, most telcos intentionally hide or refuse to provide the exact roaming charges. For the few who publish their rates, the links are hidden within the depths of their websites. To add to this, some telcos actually require customers to pay a large deposit just to activate the roaming facility on their mobile line. 

So, how do you avoid being a victim of these excessive roaming charges? Simple, use Flexiroam! FlexiRoam is a prepaid service that allows you to make and receive unlimited calls for a low flat rate per day. It sounds like a heaven sent especially for regular travellers who need to stay connected and still stay within their budget.

FlexiRoam offers a prepaid, $10 a day flat rate, unlimited roaming service to all travelers, so there would be no worries of unexpected charges when you return from your overseas trip. To top that off, FlexiRoam gives away FREE roaming passes to a different country every day, so you might even get to roam for free.

At the NATAS Travel Fair 2012, FlexiRoam is giving away $100 worth of FlexiRoam credits with the purchase of any travel package for FREE.

How to start?
Easy. Sign up for the service online for free. Using your FlexiRoam account, you can then purchase a roaming pass which comes with simple instructions on how to activate FlexiRoam on your mobile.  Voila, you are ready to roam!

How does it work?

FlexiRoam capitalises on call forwarding and SMS technology that is currently available on almost all mobile phones. Before you leave the country, set your mobile to forward calls to the assigned Flexi number provided to you after buying a roaming pass. Once you land in the country of your destination, all you need to do is to send an SMS from the overseas mobile.

In short, FlexiRoam links all the calls for the home country mobile to your overseas mobile, to avoid paying any form of roaming charges to your home country mobile provider. The best part is anyone who calls you on your home country mobile will be able to reach you on the overseas mobile.

FlexiRoam is the cheapest way to roam in 200 countries. Apart from Singapore, the service is available in countries such as Australia, China, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam and the UK. The company will extend its service through partnerships with airlines and travel agents to provide value-added service to customers.

Visit www.flexiroam.com for more information.

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