Sunday 18 November 2012

2012/2013 "Fun Ski & Snow Festival" & "GoGo Ski Festival"

The annual winter sports travel package sales events, "Fun Ski & Snow Festival" and "GoGo Ski Festival," are set to run from December 12th, 2012 to March 5th, 2013. The events are jointly held by the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO), Gangwon-do Provincial Government, Yongpyong Resort Ski & Snowboard and High1 Ski Resort, will be offering three-night, four-day travel packages filled with excitement and enjoyment in the snow.

The main programs on the travel itinerary are skiing and snowboarding lessons from professional instructors as well as an amateur ski and snowboard competition. In addition, the Festivals will be presenting various performances and hands-on experience programs involving hanbok (traditional clothes) and Hallyu Star Photo Zone. The main draw of the “Fun, Ski, & Snow Festival" and "GoGo Ski Festival" is that visitors are given the chance to participate in a wide variety of experiences (instead of watching events unfold from the sidelines). 

 The "Fun Ski & Snow Festival" and "GoGo Ski Festival" have been hugely popular especially with international visitors from warmer regions like Singapore. The Festivals are a great way to experience winter in Korea for both winter sports enthusiasts and first-timers.

2012/2013 Winter Season Schedule by Resort
Yongpyong Resort
[Fun Snow & Ski Festival]
High 1 Resort
[Go Go Ski Festival]
16 Dec – 19 Dec 2012
12 Dec – 15 Dec 2012
1 Jan – 4 Jan 2013
9 Jan – 12 Jan 2013
13 Jan – 16 Jan 2013
20 Jan – 23 Jan 2013
27 Jan – 30 Jan 2013
21 Feb – 24 Feb 2013
3 Feb – 6 Feb 2013
17 Feb – 20 Feb 2013
2 Mar – 5 Mar 2013

Contact these travel agencies to book your Fun Snow & Ski Festival or Go Go Ski Festival package now!
Dynasty Travel: 6338 4455
Hong Thai Travel: 6533 1788 
Sino-America Tours: 6535 8911

For more info about Fun Snow & Ski Festival:
For more info about Go Go Ski Festival:

About Yongpyong Resort (
The Yongpyong Resort is situated at the center of Korea’s Baekdudaegan Mountains in Gangwon-do Province, and sees an average of 250 centimeters of snowfall per season, which makes for excellent skiing conditions. Not only that, but the resort’s enormous seventeen million square meters complex includes a 45-hole golf course, gondolas, swimming pool, and other facilities. This all-season recreational complex allows visitors to escape from daily life and relax. 

Yongpyong Resort has an impressive twenty-eight ski slopes, including the popular Rainbow Slopes, and offers excellent facilities for skiers. The park’s fifteen ski-lifts include a 3.7km cable-car and the resort's ‘Dragon Plaza’ is the largest ski complex in Asia, offering a variety of services for skiers and boarders.

The Yongpyong Resort has even had the honor of hosting a number of international competitions, including the World Cup Ski Competition and the Asian Winter Games. It is consequently one of the most popular ski resorts in Korea, and is frequented by many tourists. 

Accommodation options include condominiums, a hotel, and a youth hostel. 

The Yongpyong Resort is a 2-hour car drive away from Seoul, but the resort runs shuttle buses from Seoul during the peak season. Visitors traveling from the Daegu and Yeongnam regions can take the Jungang and Jungbu Inland Expressways, and arrive at Yongpyong Resort within three hours.

About High 1 Ski Resort ( )
Located in Jeongseon, Gangwon Province, the High 1 Ski Resort is a great vacation spot for families as well as a top resort for advanced skiiers. Several beginner slopes are located right next to the intermediate and advanced slopes, letting skiiers of varying levels ski together.

The High 1 Ski Resort is Korea’s most environmentally friendly resort and many of the native trees have been well-preserved. Resort planners hope to develop an all-season ecological tourist attraction, showcasing the region’s beautiful wild flowers throughout spring, summer and fall.

In addition to a topnotch skiing experience, visitors to the High1 Resort can enjoy a truly unique dining experience. Located 1,340 meters above sea level is a revolving restaurant, which offers an incredible panoramic view of no less than three different mountain ranges. The restaurant goes through one full rotation every hour, giving diners a complete view of the beautiful scenery of the region. The restaurant goes through a full turn every hour.

Other leisure facilities at the resort include a casino, golf course, sledding slopes, leisure sport facilities, and much more. The resort also holds a BBQ festival every year in summer.

Article contributed by the Korean Tourism Organization. 

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