Tuesday 11 December 2012

Safety Measures for Travelling

The festive travelling period is about happiness and goodwill, but things will not be as rosy when you've encountered threats to your safety and security. Read on for some useful tips when travelling.

1. Pre-Travel Tips
-Check the expiration dates on your passport, credit cards, medical checkup, vitamins etc.

-Ensure that visas are applied for, if needed.

-Check if you need to have immunizations when entering a particular country.

-Leave your keys with family/friend/neighbour, and get them to check on your house occasionally.

-Ensure you have adequate travel insurance.

2. Travel Smart
-Dress appropriately. Avoid bright coloured clothes and fancy jewellery. Also, when heading to places of worship, remember to dress conservatively and respect the customs of the country.

-Always keep your belongings in plain sight of you. For valubles like money and passports, keep them in a money belt worn under your clothes.

-Don't count your money in public. It will attract unwanted attention.

-Carry a photocopy of your passport, ID, visa and entry/exit pages along. Keep the original in your hotel room safe.

-Be vigilant in crowded areas and potentially dangerous times and places.

3. Other Tips
-Try and diversify your money. Have an assortment of cash, credit cards, travellers cheques and bank cards. Also, try to seperate your cash into different piles, and place them in different bags. If one bag is lost, there will be emergency money for you to stand-by.

-Hide your emergency money in weird places. For example, placing it in a pair of rolled up socks.

-Check your credit card restrictions.

Stay safe, stay smart! 

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