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11 Magic Cities Germany

Rail in Germany

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Getting around Germany is a breeze when you have access to a well connected inter city train service

11 Magic Cities: Frankfurt - Cologne - Duesseldorf - Hannover - Hamburg - Berlin - Dresden - Leipzig - Nuremberg - Munich - Stuttgart

Whether you arrive at Frankfurt or Munich, make the most of your trip to see more of Germany by signing up with the Fly & Rail service offered by Deutsche Bahn (DB), Germany’s national railway operator.

DB runs a nation wide train system with access to some 6,000 German railways stations. It is also a boon for tourists, connecting directly to major airports all over the country.

With the Intercity Express (ICE) service, it is possible to link to cities nation wide with connections available to Berlin, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hanover, Cologne, Munich, Nuremberg and Stuttgart among others.

It certainly helps that some of these gateways have convenient railway links that make for seamless travel. Both Frankfurt and Munich airports have their own railway station and is about five minutes' walk from the baggage claim area. Upon arrival, you will soon find yourself warm and snug in the cosy carriages of the well-established DB train service.

Note: Visitors can book the German Rail Pass and make seats reservation through the DB appointed agency in Singapore, Deks Air Travel & Tours Pte Ltd.

Free Consultation Call Tel: 63388188 or email to make enquiries.  


1. The Twin Pass and the German Rail Youth Pass offer more savings for those eligible.
2. Pass (3days - 10days) is valid to travel within 1 month
3. Prices quoted in Euro valid as of 1st January 2011 and are subjected to changes without prior notice (service fee applies). 

*children between 6 and up to including 11 years of age: 50% reduction
**price quoted are for 2 adults traveling together
***special discounted fare for young people between ages 12 and 25


Munich - a city with something for everyone

Munich is a fusion of the modern with the quaint; a place where tradition blends easily with the bustle of modern life; where the peaceful parks contrasts with the dynamic city and beer is just as important as business.

A walking tour through Munich’s exquisite old town is a highlight of any visit. The Bavarian capital is famous for its stately palaces and splendid churches, side by side with contemporary steel-and-glass structures.

A must visit is the Frauenkiriche (Cathedral of Our Lady), which is a distinctive landmark. Its Gothic towers and characteristic green onion shape copper domes are synonymous with the city.

Munich’s cultural scene is a key attraction and the city is home to a wide array of exceptional museums, including the Pinakothek art museum, which displays six centuries worth of sculpture and art.

Traditional festivals play a major role in the life of the city, including the world famous Oktoberfest, which is held in the last week of September, and the Christmas Market, which takes place every year in the central Marienplatz square.

Frankfurt – mix of the traditional and modern

Frankfurt is a modern city but it still has remnants of its old-world mediaeval past. One example is the Röemerberg town square, which provides a pleasant break from the skyscrapers that make up the city skyline. It was rebuilt after World War II and is surrounded by restaurants serving German fare such as Frankfurt's green sauce, a creamy herb sauce served with hard-boiled eggs and potatoes.

Order a frankfurter and it will be served to you with a hard roll and two thin sausages with mustard, not the Americanised hot dog. It goes well with Apfelwein, a piquant apple wine that is the choice tipple, as popular as the city’s myriad of festivals.

Frankfurt is a city that loves a good party and throughout the year, the city’s schedule of events comprises over 100 street festivals, markets, folk fairs, cultural celebrations and other open-air events.

Apart from its colourful theatre and opera performances, which includes the renowned Oper Frankfurt and the distinguished Alte Oper, Frankfurt also boasts a wonderful museum scene. Don’t miss the Goethe Museum, Bible Museum and Film Museum, especially the world-famous Städel Museum, which features a recent underground extension.

If you’re visiting during the yuletide season, then the traditional Christmas market is a must. The Frankfurt Christmas Market, which is staged at Römerberg from November to December, is a wonderful wintertime celebration considered one of Germany’s most dazzling Christmas markets.

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