Thursday 10 November 2011

German Rail Experience

Ms. Jane
Ms. J. L. Chua

Destination Q & A


Q: When was your visit?
The trip to Germany was in September this year. It was my first visit and it was a good time as it coincided with the Oktoberfest and the Internationale Automobil-Ausstellung (IAA) Motor Show.

Q: Where in Germany did you travel?
I travelled to Frankfurt and Munich.

Q: What are the best places to visit?
I like both the places I visited. Oktoberfest is a great time to be in Munich. The events take place in large tents in the Theresienwiese Park filled with friendly drinkers dancing on tables and singing along to brass bands. Apart from the various beers, it is a good opportunity to try traditional German fare such as würstel (sausages) and reiberdatschi (potato pancakes). I was fortunate to attend the IAA, also known as the Frankfurt Motor Show. This is one of the largest motor shows in the world. 

More than 800,000 car enthusiasts and members of the automotive industry attended this year’s show, with nearly 1,000 exhibitors from 32 countries.  

Q: How did you make ticketing arrangements for German Rail?
I bought the German Rail pass through DEKS AIR TRAVEL & TOURS PTE LTD as they recommended us to do so.  It provides value for money and makes for a good arrangement, as we did not need to queue for tickets.

Q: Which stations did you connect with?

From Frankfurt Airport, it is possible to connect with the Main Central Station. The train station is a short distance from the luggage pick up point and it’s very convenient especially if you already have your German Rail pass before hand.

Q: Did you have a comfortable trip?
Yes, it was very comfortable with cushioned seats in open-plan saloons. Inside each carriage there are information displays showing the train's destination, information on the next stop and at times, the train's speed. The on board announcements are usually made in both English and German.

Q: What are the meal options on board?

There is a restaurant carriage on one end and a bistro-café car at the other. Breakfast is served on board as well as three course meals with beverages. The food was fantastic and we could tell the ingredients used were fresh. The desserts were very nice.

Q: Will you travel on German Rail again?
I will definitely consider it on my next trip. The German Rail is one of the most comfortable and impressive high-speed train system I’ve experienced.   


Q: Would you recommend it to friends/relatives?
Yes, I’ve told my friends and relatives about it and suggested they try the German Rail experience for themselves.


Q: What is your survival tip for visitors?
Germany is really a very easy country to get around and I can’t think of any need for a survival tip. 

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