Tuesday 15 October 2013

Hello, New York!

Featured city of the day - NEW YORK CITY! 

Many big films have been shot in this city before and it was a great privilege for me to step foot on this city.

Unlike the different cities I've been to in the states, New York is indeed a big apple! It's always crowded and walls are decorated with street arts - Pretty much the stuff you can think of in a typical hollywood film!

This is one of my favourite picture - Top of the Rock. The view is simply magnificent!!

MOMA - The Museum of Modern Art. If you're an art junkie, this is one place you never want to miss!

Train Station

World Trade Center Boundaries

An event that changes American's History

The new facade

Street photography - flowers that instantly brighten one's day!

One of the more popular cruise that most tourists take - Circle line

The weather wasn't helping though!

Statue of Liberty

- After rain - 

One of my favourite places in NYC got to be Grand Central Park, it is so beautiful and therapeutic! A great place for families and friends to hang out! 

An evening night stroll would be perfect :)

Tourists watching some street performances going on while I immerse myself with the architectures here in Grand Central Station

Famous eatery outlet - Shake Shack!!! I've long heard about it before I even arrive in NYC. It's really good, another "must-try"!!

Street Photography/ Arts in NYC

So here's some places you can explore while in NYC, wherever it is, make every minute count!

The author is a graduate of UNLV and this article is written specially for NATAS.

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