Wednesday 2 October 2013

Weekend Getaway - Bintan

Working life is so hectic in Singapore, finally its time for a short getaway to Bintan – Tanjung Pinang. This trip was also to celebrate someone’s birthday. J


Ferry to Bintan

The stark difference between this trip and trips to the Bintan resorts is that we will get to experience and explore the city life of Tanjung Pinang in Bintan! And off we go for the city tour…

Local Food Products

More food…

Most of the locals travel via foot or scooters/bikes. It was mentioned that a driving license can be obtained by the locals aged as young as 16.


And we arrived at our next destination, Maitri Graha, a Chinese temple that housed the tallest Goddess Guanyin in Bintan, towering at 16 meters.

Next up, lunch!
Mini shopping at the local shop. There were many handicrafts for sale.
After lunch, we went for a traditional massage at the local vicinity. The experience was different from the massages you get at the resorts. It was a refreshing and brand new experience for us. Following which, we checked in at our accommodation, Aston Hotel, and unpacked. We were all eagerly awaiting for our seaside seafood dinner in the evening.

And back we go to the hotel after dinner. Not forgetting, a photo of my tour group!

Good morning Bintan! Day 2 here we go.

Breakfast at the hotel

Focusing a little bit on the hotel where we reside in, it is located in the city center, unlike the resorts in Bintan. In contrast with Singapore, they allowed smoking in the hotel general areas, which is something that smokers will love. The staff there were well mannered and diligent, what they lack of in lingual skills, they replaced with excellent service attitude and manners. Now let us take a quick peek at the hotel…

And before leaving the hotel, some roadside delicacies!
And lastly, home sweet home!


Sayonara Bintan, Hello Singapore.
Photo Credits:
© hayatehong


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