Wednesday 13 February 2013

The Confession of A Shopaholic: First Short Trip to Bangkok!

Author: Sophia Loh
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I’ve always hear people telling me how Bangkok (BKK) is a shopping paradise, and I couldn’t wait to grab on that opportunity to travel to BKK when I was having my vacation. Embarking on a 4D3N Trip, I was about to discover the true meaning of a “shopaholic”.

Prior to travelling, I checked with my family and friends who have been to BKK before and ask them for their advices on where I should go to. I also did my own research – it’s helpful and it cuts down unnecessary time that could be better spent exploring the capital! So here’s a few that I have gathered, for those who have not been to BKK before and would like to have an awesome shopping trip!

* Note: The suggested are just some of my preferences; moreover, I did not have the luxury for spending more days at Bangkok. Bangkok has way too many shopping malls to suit every kind of lifestyle and budgets, so take time to find yours!

1) Platinum Fashion Mall, Pratunam: 

Do not be deceived by the appearance of this shopping mall – Not only is it MEGA-HUGE, I believe spending 1-2 days at the Platinum Fashion Mall might not help you to truly cover every retail shop. If my memory did not fail me, there are 2 sections in this mall. Do plan your time wisely as you will not realize how fast time passes in the indoor shopping mall!

Also, one of the hotel front office personnel told me that Platinum Fashion Mall is more for tourists/ shopaholics who are interested in Thailand’s modern and street style fashion. The Platinum Fashion Mall is also “Thailand’s largest stylist wholesale & retail fashion mall”! Indeed, it is fantastic place for buyers interested in getting wholesale! As a frequent customer who patronizes online blogshops, you can imagine my horror when I found out that I could get the same items at half the price over at the Platinum Fashion Mall.

Remember to keep your tummy full amidst the shopping craze, you can easily purchase a value card at the food court if you intend to spend more than 1 day at this shopping mall. The unused value can be refunded back as well! J

2) Chatuchak Market: 3 Words – SHOIK & HOT!

Endless Crowds
Street Performances
If you have ever been to a pasar-malam in Singapore or to Bugis Street, you will find yourself at a familiar scene in Chatuchak Market. This is a ‘MUST-GO’ place during weekends and oh my, the shopping here is beyond your imagination.

The Chatuchak Market is made up of 26 sections and different sections may stand for different categories. For example, Section 3 and 4 is Clothing/Accessories and Section XX may be Garden Equipment. Do refer to the below picture for a clearer illustration! My friend and I wanted to explore the section of ‘Fighting Cock’ but the market is simply way too big to really make sense of your exact location. It is like a huge maze and my advice is: If you see something that you really like, you should buy it straight away! Because the chances of finding the same stall is slim.

I spent my weekends mostly at the Chatuchak Market because I really had such a great time shopping at the market. Head on early to the Chatuchak Market because they close their stalls rather early – by 6pm I supposed. Some of the things sold at the Chatuchak Market can also be found at shopping malls such as the Platinum Fashion Mall but at a slightly cheaper rate!

Oh did I mention about the weather there? It is really hot and humid!!! Thank goodness to the drink stalls along the way. I would highly recommend the coconut drink because it is really refreshing! If you are hungry, fret not. Food stalls are available and they are really yummy too!

3) MBK, Siam: 

This is the place to go if you are into IT gadgets and sports equipment! You can get really good deals at MBK but do take your time to find the best deal if you are interested in let’s say, getting a canon camera or a mini-ipad. J The gadgets should be really cheaper over at MBK because I see tourists lugging big television sets; it is those scene that you will see at Courts mega-sale!
Outside of MBK, you will also discover many small stalls set up along the roads. Sadly, I only found out about this on the last day of my trip!

4) CentralWorld, Siam: 

Lastly, this is the shopping mall to visit for those who are interested in ‘Atas’ shopping, or rather, anyone who has no budget constraints! I would say CentralWorld is like our Ion/Paragon. Certainly, I do not think you can bargain over here because the brands featured in CentralWorld are international brands such as Zara, Timberland, Naraya, Cath Kidson etc. I enjoy my short visit at the CentralWorld and you can take beautiful pictures at night outside CentralWorld!

Of course, no shopping trips are completed without foot massages! Simply ask the taxi-uncles or the hotel staff for directions. If you are a self-confess shopaholic, or are intending to revamp your entire wardrobe, you will definitely not want to miss those $8 foot massages deals – something that you can never find in Singapore!

So till then, this sums up my short trip over at Bangkok! :) 

The author is a student of University of Las Vegas (UNLV)

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